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The P10

Human Powered Sludge Pump

Every day, millions of gallons of human waste are manually removed from septic tanks and latrine pits, typically with shovels and buckets. The emptiers, the residents of the home, and the people in the community are exposed to hazardous conditions and material that can make them ill, sometimes mortally, and have dire effects on all aspects of their lives.


The P10 is being developed specifically to keep manual emptiers out of tanks and make the emptying process cleaner and safer. It was also designed to earn emptiers money: pumping up to 30X faster than other manual methods.

What other pumps cannot.

  • It is easily transported.

  • It is sealed from intake to discharge so no waste is spilled. 

  • It can pump septage at a rate of 100 liters per minute.

  • Makes professional emptying less expensive and more accessible.


What can the P10 do?

3 cups


2 tsp.


1½ cups





Dimensions when collapsed

0.5 meters wide

1.2 meters long

0.2 meters high

Dimensions when assembled

0.5 meters wide

1.2 meters long

1.1 meters high

Dry Weight

35 kilograms

Pump Capacity

Intake Height: 4 meters

Discharge Height: 3 meters

Discharge Distance: 30 meters


100 liters/minute



Complete Kit

Light assembly required

Price: TBD

Partial Kit

Key components provided

Metal cutting required

Plastic cutting required

Drilling required

Painting required

Moderate assembly required

Price: TBD

Blueprints and Instructions

All parts must be sourced

Machining required

Welding required

Painting required

All assembly required

Price: TBD

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